What is a good movie?

What is a good movie? There is two points of view to judge a movie: a subjective one and an objective one.

First, objectivity isn’t objective as there is and always will be a bias. However, the closest thing that came close to it are the critics. They can come in the form of awards, prices from festival, etc. Or they can come from critics writing in newspaper, in their own blog or in dedicated forums. Unfortunately, they have all their own bias. The festivals tend to very politically and economically focus behind closed doors. The individual critics are biased by their own tastes, life experiences and mood. They will criticize a movie from their point of view, from their perspective, not from yours.

I believe a good book can only be describe as one’s experience. I think the subjective view is way more interesting. I good book is what blows your hair back, as Will said in Good Will Hunting. The same goes for a movie. I do believe that one should focus on what a movie brings to oneself, that being entertainment, thinking, joy, sorrow or all of it at the same time. One shouldn’t look for a movie because our social environment, critics or friends, tell us to watch it. One should look for a movie because it is the one we want to watch.