On Social Media

The social media are currently going through a wave of criticism. Mark Zuckerberg just went to testify in front of member of the US congress to explain the ties of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and at the same time #deletefacebook is trending. Facebook is currently being blame for all that went wrong. Brexit, Trump, the Rohingyas…

The involvement of Facebook on this is real, but the blame shouldn’t be point out on it. Having a better Facebook won’t prevent this kind of action. The responsible isn’t Facebook but people. They are the one to be accounted for. Facebook is just a tool that can be used to perform right or wrong actions, good or bad things. I think we have a tendency to focus on the tools to work out on the problem instead of understanding in depth the problem. It is easier to work on the tool that on the people but improving the tool isn’t a long-term solution. The problem would still take place with a different instrument. A tool is just a tool, it depends of what people build with it.

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